About us - Blopo

Who are we?

We are a Emanuela and Evelina - a sister duo, who’s not afraid of new challenges. The creativity comes from Em - product designer, the “visionary”, while Ev manages social media and communications.

BLOPO is a dream come true for us - part hobby, part business, part magic. We created BLOPO because we believe creativity and journaling are important parts of having better mental health. Creativity is fun, joyful and surprising, and keeps the mind active while giving us an opportunity to go offline for a bit.

Our story:

The passion for stationery has always been a part of Em’s life. There’s always room for more markers, pencils, stickers or stencils, there’s always a need for one planner. After all, a mom has a lot of things to keep track of. Dot grid journals are a favourite, as they provide an opportunity for complete personalisation according to her personal needs, while at the same time can be used as a creative outlet. Looking at mama, Max (7) and Andy (5) want to be “like grown ups” and create their own planners, where they keep track of their moods, emotions, books read and pleasant experiences.

Ev, a young mom of Philip (1), uses a journal to keep track of important dates, achievements and milestones as a memento of her son’s first years.

That’s how the idea for BLOPO was born - a brand for high quality stationery which helps young and old to put down the phone or tablet, sit down and turn to self-reflection in a creative way.

Our products are suitable for everyone - kids, who just started school, students, moms and young professionals who want to have a better understanding of themselves and their time and manage it more effectively.


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