General terms and conditions

These GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS govern the relationship between the owner of BLOPO Ltd., hereinafter referred to as BLOPO, on the one hand, and the Users of Internet pages and services located at the domain (hereinafter referred to
Users), on the other hand.

BLOPO Ltd. is a company registered under the Commercial Law of Republic of Bulgaria with EIK 207222614, with headquarters and management address: Sofia, 2-4 Rilski ezera st, email address:, phone: 0887001887

BLOPO processes the personal data of the Users, applying all standards for the protection of personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and for the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC.

BLOPO respects the privacy of individuals and makes all necessary efforts to protect the personal data of individuals against unlawful processing by applying technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, which measures are fully compliant with modern technological achievements and provide a level of protection that corresponds to the risks associated with the processing and the nature of the data to be protected. Detailed information about what personal data BLOPO processes, the purposes of personal data processing, storage period of personal data, as well as the rest of the information in fulfillment of the requirements of Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 is available in the "Privacy Notice" of BLOPO Ltd., published on the website.

Please read these General Terms and Conditions before using the information and commercial services offered by the site (hereinafter referred to as Services). With the visualization of each User automatically undertakes to comply with the conditions described below. In case you have any questions, please contact us on 0888001887 or email

These terms and conditions contain information about the activities of BLOPO and the general conditions for using the services provided by BLOPO, regulating the relationship between us and each of our users.

By visiting the site, as well as by pressing any button on the same, it is considered that you are familiar with these general terms and conditions and undertake to comply with them.

In order to use the Services, You warrant that You are at least 18 years of age and have legal capacity to enter into a contract under the Terms set forth herein.

These General Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by BLOPO in order to increase the quality of the services provided, as well as with the introduction of new ones. The changes may also result from changes in the Bulgarian legislation. Users of the site's services are required to check for updates to the General Terms and Conditions and comply your behaviour with them.

For all matters not regulated by the General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and competent in any case dispute is the Bulgarian court. The parties agree that in the event that any of the clauses under these General Terms and Conditions is/are found to be invalid, this shall not to invalidate the entire contract or other parts thereof. The invalid clause will be superseded by the mandatory rules of law or established practice.


Art. 1. The services provided by BLOPO to the User are services
of the information society within the meaning of the Electronic Commerce Act.

Art. 2. Users use the BLOPO website interface to become familiar with the services offered by BLOPO and to use the services offered by the company products.

Art. 3. (1) BLOPO provides users with the following on its website

3.1 possibility to conclude a contract for purchase and sale and delivery of the products offered by BLOPO.


Art. 4 (1) The user may enter into a contract of purchase and sale with BLOPO Ltd. through the BLOPO website.

(2) The user should provide data for making the delivery and choose a method of payment for the goods, then confirm the order through the site interface.

(3) When placing an order, the User receives a confirmation by email, that his order was accepted by BLOPO.

(4) In case of lack of availability of a given product, BLOPO reserves the right to cancel the order.

Art.5 (1) Under certain conditions, BLOPO has the right to refuse to conclude a contract  with incorrect User has the right to treat User as incorrect in the cases when:

T.1 there is non-compliance by the User with the General Terms and Conditions;

T.2 systematic / three or more times / abuses of The user vis-à-vis BLOPO;

T.3 improper attitude towards the representatives of BLOPO was established.

Art. 6 (1) Orders placed through the site are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays.
It is not necessary to have a registered user profile to be  order placed. The order of the product/s specified by the user is carried out as follows:

You can place an order through the site using the button "Buy" located next to each product. When the button is pressed the selected product is added to the user's basket, after which he has option to add more products to it or continue to complete the the order. Upon completion of the order, the user has the option to review the products he has decided to buy, their prices and the final payment amount,  as well as take advantage of an additional discount if it has discount promo code.

After the finalization of the order and dispatch of the order so made request, a confirmation will be sent to the specified email with the record of the information entered. For each stage of order processing (availability confirmation, shipping, etc.) the user will be notified via e-mail.

Art. 7 The value of the goods ordered by the user can be paid by using one of the payment options described on the website
by cash on delivery and by card payment.

(1) Payment by cash on delivery: upon receipt of the goods on site at the office of the courier company or upon receipt of the shipment at the specified by User address, User pays the amount due to the courier.

(2) Payment via virtual POS terminal (with card): To make a payment by using a bank payment card, the User automatically
redirects to the payment page of the bank servicing the Company. On the payment page The user should enter the card data through  which will make the payment.


Art.7 (1) Upon completion of the order, users will receive their delivery through a courier company.

(2) All orders over 80 euro are delivered with FREE delivery. For all remaining orders the deliivery fee is calculated depending on the country.

(3) Delivery is at the expense of the user, unless explicitly stated otherwise on BLOPO's website that delivery is at BLOPO's expense.

Art. 8 BLOPO is not responsible for failure to fulfill an order in cases, when the User has specified false, incomplete and/or inaccurate personal data, including when he has provided an incomplete, inaccurate or fictitious address or telephone number.

(2) The delivery time is from 5 to 10 working days for orders. BLOPO reserves  the right to extend the delivery period in extraordinary circumstance and will promptly informs the User about this.

Art. 9 (1) According to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, Users have right to withdraw from the concluded distance sales contract within 14-day period from the day of delivery of the goods without specifying a reason.

(2) In the event that the User withdraws from the concluded contract, we will refund the amount paid by him for the goods, and we will use the same means for payment, as he used when purchasing the goods, unless it is not  agreed otherwise.

(3) BLOPO reserves the right to postpone the reimbursement of payments until receiving the goods back or until the consumer presents us evidence that he sent back the goods, depending on which of both events occurred earlier.

(4) If the user wishes to exercise his right to return must notify us of its decision in the specified in art. 10, para. (1) of these general conditions term. The user should notify us by email, such as complete the standard opt-out form found at or via other unequivocal opt-out to the email we have provided. If The user uses this option, BLOPO will return an electronic message (email) to confirm receipt of the refusal. If the User does not receive such an email from us within 3 days, it should also contact us at the telephone numbers indicated by us in order to check the specific case.

(5) In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, The user is obliged to store the received goods, their quality and  safety until they are returned to BLOPO in the form in which they were received.

(6) The user must return the goods at his own expense along with the receipt and invoice by sending them through a courier company at the following address: BLOPO LTD, 2-4 Rilski ezera St, Sofia, Bulgaria.

(7) When the User exercises his right to withdraw from the contract,
The user must send the goods back to BLOPO as specified in Art. 9, para. (6) manner without undue delay and not later than 14 days, counted from the date on which the User notified the merchant of his decision to refuse the contract. The deadline is considered met if the User sends or hand the goods back to BLOPO before the expiry of the 14-day period. At failure to comply with this deadline, BLOPO considers that the User has withdrawn his statement for the exercise of withdrawal from the contract.

(8) When returning the product, it MUST be in its original packaging, with absolutely no signs of use or infringement of the commercial nature of the goods (e.g. torn or removed packaging, removed or torn cellophane, removed labels, missing parts, etc.) and be accompanied by all accompanying documents - receipt and/or invoice, instructions for use and etc.

(9) When returning the goods, the user undertakes to return all gifts he received together with the ordered goods, if any sent by BLOPO.

(10) The user has no right to withdraw from the contract in the event that subject on the same are sealed goods that have been unsealed and/or tried on after their delivery and cannot be returned for reasons related to hygiene or health protection.

(11) When the goods received by the User do not correspond to the characteristics indicated on the online store page is not used by the user in any way and is in undamaged outer factory packaging, the costs of returning the goods are at the expense of BLOPO. In this case The user must send the goods back to us via courier to the following address: BLOPO LTD, 2-4 Rilski ezera St, Sofia, Bulgaria

(12) In case of a request to return goods (corresponding to the characteristics, indicated on the online store page), transport is at the expense of The user.

(13) In case the goods meet the above mentioned conditions, namely that the same have retained their commercial appearance, have not been opened, unpacked, torn or removed packaging, removed or torn cellophane, removed labels, missing parts, etc., BLOPO will refund the full amount paid by the User value of the returned goods no later than 14 days, counted from the date on which the user exercised his right of withdrawal.

(14) A claim for a damaged shipment is made ONLY at the time of receiving the shipment and necessarily in the presence of the courier. The courier notes this with a note in the bill of lading and fills in a statement protocol in duplicate These actions are mandatory for the validity of insurance-covered damages and shortages in the shipment. The user (the recipient of the shipment) is obliged to request a copy of the protocol, fill out a form for return the goods and attach a copy of the report to the form.


Art. 10 The execution of the User's order may be prevented or any of the following reasons:

(1) It is possible that one of the ordered products is not available; In this case it will contact the User as soon as possible by phone or at the address specified by him e-mail address to specify the time frame in which the ordered goods will be delivered.

(2) When, when choosing a method of payment for the goods, the User has chosen "Pay by card" but no payment has been made or there is a delay in the payment.

(3) In the case of an order by the User, the User has specified incorrect or incomplete information  delivery details - names, address, telephone, postal code.

In case of impossibility of delivery due to no fault of ours (the User is not located at the specified address or does not answer the supplier's calls), order will be returned to us and the User will bear the cost of return shipping to him.


Art. 11. (1) BLOPO has the right to send commercial messages to the User with purpose to offer information and advertisements about its own or suggested by other commercial companies goods and/or services, to make inquiries on  a variety of questions, to conduct surveys and others only to Users who are gave their express consent to this. After becoming familiar with the Notice of privacy and consent to the processing of personal data, the User has the right to receive commercial communications from BLOPO.

(2) The user has the right to object to the sending of commercial messages, by unsubscribing using the options provided for the purpose to BLOPO. The user should also expressly notify BLOPO in case he no longer wants the provided personal data to be the subject of direct marketing.


Art. 12. (1) BLOPO has a legitimate interest in collecting and processing information regarding the Users after their voluntary and informed consent provided identification. The information by which the person can be identified, may include the following personal data: first name, last name, date of birth, address, phone, email, IP address, as well as any other information, which the person voluntarily provides during identification. The information also includes  any other data that the User enters, uses or provides at use of the Services provided on the BLOPO website.

(2) All information provided by the User is processed according to BLOPO's Privacy Notice.

Art. 13. In the identification form filled in by the User, BLOPO indicates the mandatory or voluntary nature of providing the data and the consequences of refusing to provide them.

Art. 14. (1) The user can identify himself by filling in the relevant an electronic form of identification available in real time (on-line) on the Internet on the BLOPO website and to express agreement with these General Terms and Conditions and The Privacy Notice.

(2) During the identification, the User makes an electronic statement under the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, whereby declares that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, accepts them and undertakes to observes them. By recording it on a suitable medium in the BLOPO server, through generally accepted standard for conversion in a technical way making it possible its reproduction, the electronic statement acquires the quality of electronic document within the meaning of the cited law. BLOPO may store in log files on its server, the User's IP address, as well as any other information necessary for its identification and reproduction of the electronic statement of acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions in the event of the occurrence of a legal dispute. The text of these General Terms and Conditions is available on the Internet at the website of BLOPO in a way that allows its storage and reproduction.

(3) When completing the identification application, the User is obliged to provide complete and correct identity data (for natural persons), the legal status (for legal entities) and others required by the electronic form of BLOPO. The user declares that he agrees to provide the required personal data, thereby ensuring that the data you provide in the identification process, are true, complete and accurate even if the latter are changed will update them in due course. In case of providing incorrect data or  at its sole discretion, BLOPO has the right to terminate or suspend immediately and without notice the provision of the services. The above is valid in case the services provided are used in violation of these general conditions, legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria and generally accepted moral norms.

Art. 15. This site may contain links to other sites. These sites are provided for the convenience of Users and for information and as such Users use them at their own risk. The content of these sites is not  related to BLOPO and we do not endorse this content whether we are partners of the owners of these sites or not. BLOPO is not responsible for damages and losses incurred by Users as a result of use of these sites. BLOPO is not responsible for the content in the third party sites and also for the presence of viruses, other harmful components of these sites.

Art. 16. (1) The prices of the services offered by BLOPO are those indicated by BLOPO.

(2) The prices of the offered products are indicated in Bulgarian leva and include VAT, except in cases where it is not expressly stated that the price is exclusive of VAT.

(3) BLOPO reserves the right to change at any time and without notice the prices of published offers, such changes will no longer affect concluded contracts.

(4) BLOPO reserves the right to provide PROMOTIONS - special terms of sale or provision of services which are governed by the rules stated within the online store offered by BLOPO for a certain period of time that the User can take advantage of according to the rules regulated there, such as a reduction in the Price or costs of delivery.


Art. 17. (1) The USER expressly agrees that the use of this website is entirely his responsibility as if damage were done to his equipment due to his use, the same is at his expense.

(2) The user expressly agrees that BLOPO does not owe compensation for losses or damages (whether actual, consequential, punitive or otherwise), damage or harm of any other nature arising out of the use of this website or a link from this website. BLOPO owes no compensation for damages from an error in the use of the site, omission, interruption, defect in the operation, computer virus, theft or damage occurring in the use of information, opinions or other materials from this website.

(3) BLOPO does not guarantee that the functions contained in this website are warrant that defects will be corrected, or that the server that provides the content does not contain viruses or other harmful components.

(4) Users agree to protect, defend and not allow damages to BLOPO and their suppliers, employees, directors, partners, agents, licensors from losses, expenses, damages of any nature arising out of violation by the Users of any of the terms of use of this website. Users expressly agree that BLOPO is not responsible for any deformity, offensive or illegal behaviour of other Users
the site or third parties.

Art. 18. (1) BLOPO is not responsible for damages, damages and/or omissions benefits:

- Caused by inaccurate, unreliable or misleading (misleading) information and/or data submitted by Users of the site, from information from published news and/or other information sources, as well as damages caused by unsolicited electronic exchanges (spam).

- Arising as a result of force majeure within the meaning of Art. 306 of Trade Law.

Art. 19 BLOPO has the right to prohibit access to the website from certain mobiles telephones, IP addresses or e-mail addresses from which the system was carried out violations of these General Terms and Conditions.


Art. 20. (1) The intellectual property rights in all materials and resources located on the BLOPO website, including but not limited to all published texts, photographs, images, illustrations, graphics, computer programs, available databases, as well as any information that is uploaded to the site are subject to protection under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, belong to BLOPO Ltd. or the person indicated accordingly, ceded the right of use to BLOPO Ltd. , and cannot be used in violation of current legislation.

(2) Trademarks (unregistered or registered) that have been published on the website are protected by applicable law. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall should be considered as permission to grant the right to use the the trademark BLOPO.

(3) The User's right of access does not include the right to use, copy or reproduce information constituting an object of intellectual property property, unless it concerns information insignificant in volume,  intended for personal use, provided that they are not unreasonably damaging the legitimate interests of the authors or other holders of intellectual rightsproperty and in case the copying or reproduction is done withnon-commercial purpose.

(4) When copying or reproducing information beyond what is permissible,according to the previous paragraph, as well as in case of any other violation of the rights of intellectual property on BLOPO, BLOPO has the right to claims compensation for direct and indirect damages suffered in full.

(5) The user undertakes to use the access granted to him to the services offered on the BLOPO website: to comply with Bulgarian legislation, the present General Terms and Conditions, Internet ethics, rules of morality and good manners; not to harm the good name of another and not to call for violence; immediately notify BLOPO of any case of committed or detected violation; not to interfere with the proper operation of the system, including but not limited to not to thwart the identification procedure of another User, not to harm or hinder the availability, reliability or quality of the access provided, and whether or not uses it in a way that causes a refusal to use it; not extract through technical means or in a technical manner information resources or parts of information resources belonging to the databases located on the website of BLOPO and thus not to create its own database in electronic or another kind; not impersonate or otherwise mislead  third parties about your identity or membership of a particular group people; not to commit malicious acts within the meaning of these General Terms and conditions.

(6) Except in cases where it is expressly agreed, the User may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute and publicize under otherwise the information resources published on the BLOPO website.


Art. 21. BLOPO uses small-sized files through which the site “orders" of the User's browser to save information on the device that he uses (Cookies).

For questions about these General Terms of Use of the site, you can contact us at


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